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Body Oils

What are Body Oils suitable for?

Body Oil (Cosmetic Grade) Suitable For:

Body Oils
MP Soaps
Bath and Body Products
Perfumes, Colognes
Oil Burning
Potpourri & Sachets
Reed Diffusers

Are your Body Oils safe for all skin types?

Yes, but it is always advisable to sample a little in a test area first (say on the back of the hand). We are all different, and one never knows what we are allergic to until tested.
All of our fragrances are formulated with components that have been approved by the fragrance regulating (RIFM) Research Institute for Fragrance Materials and those that are carefully reviewed by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) Scientific Committee. Our fragrances comply with RIFM standards.


Essential Oils

Are your essential oils 100 % pure?

We are delighted to present our selection of fine essential oils. 100% pure and non-diluted. These essential oils have been carefully selected for their strength and quality. They are absolutely some of the finest quality oils you can buy.


New Items

I am trying to find a fragrance oil that no one seems to have. Are you able to help?

Yes, we will always try our best to search for any related products that we sell on our web-site. Please let us know what it is your're looking for and we will respond with an answer by e-mail the same day (Monday to Friday).


Fragrance Oil

What is the difference between Fragrance Oil (manufacturer's grade) and Body Oil (cosmetic grade)?

We offer two different "grades" of oils, so please refer to the chart below for your suitable fragrance grade uses.

Fragrance Oils (Manufacturer's Grade) are most commonly used in oil burners and are generally more flexible and can be used in more applications. Fragrance Oils (Manufacturer's grade) must be used in candlemaking and cold process soapmaking. They can also be used to make incense, perfumes, bath and body products. However, we would recommend that manufacturer's grade (Fragrance Oils) be diluted before direct skin application.

Body Oils (Cosmetic Grade) on the other hand, are designed specifically for wearing directly on the skin. Body Oils (Cosmetic grade) can also be used to make incense, potpourri, perfumes, bath and body products, and some melt & pour soapmaking. They CANNOT be used in candlemaking or cold process soapmaking.

What are Fragrance Oils suitable for?

Fragrance Oil (Manufacturer's Grade) are suitable for:

Oil Warmers (Burners)
Wax Candles
Soy Candles
Bath and Body Products
Toiletries, Perfumes & Colognes
Potpourri & Sachets
Lampe Bergers
Reed Diffusers

How safe are your oils?

All of our fragrances are formulated with components that have been approved by the fragrance regulating (RIFM) Research Institute for Fragrance Materials and those that are carefully reviewed by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) Scientific Committee. Our fragrances comply with RIFM standards.


Special Offers

I see you have some oil burners on special offer that I like. Are these the same quality as your regular burners?

Yes, all items on our "Special Offer" page are items that have been at full price on our main web-site. From time to time we clear out the warehouse and offer discontinued or overstocked items at a reduced price.

Do you always have the same items on your special offer page?

No, some of the items on our Special Offer page are of limited quantity and once sold are deleted from our range. We try to offer different and varied items constantly to keep our customers happy, so please check our Specials page often as it is updated daily.



There was 1 item on back order from the order I received yesterday. Will I be charged extra when that item is shipped out to me?

If at the time of processing your order we find that an item is out of stock and is placed on back order, it will be shipped to you at our expense and with no additional cost to you.

How long can I expect to wait for an item on back order to arrive?

Usually it is no longer than 10 days. We have shipments arriving from our suppliers daily and turnaround is very prompt.

I would like to purchase a few of your Oil Burners as gifts for my family. Can I just place one order and have you ship them to 3 different addresses?

Unfortunately no. You will need to place separate orders for the 3 different address as the shopping cart can only charge for one destination at a time.

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I want to send an Oil Diffuser to my Mother as a gift, but I don't want her to see how much I paid for it. Is this possible?

Yes. All our products are shipped with a packing note only which lists the items but has no price visible. We do it this way so that our customers can send gifts to someone without the price being displayed.

Customers who order from us are able to print an invoice at the time of purchase which they can keep for their records.


Return Policy

Can I return oils if I don't like the fragrance I selected?

Sorry, No. We encourage you to sample our fine fragrances first ( ounce size bottle) to assure your complete satisfaction. Fragrance oils are not returnable under any circumstances, unless shipped by error on our part. This policy is non-negotiable and for your protection so we can ensure the high quality of our products. With this policy in effect, you can rest assured that the products you buy from us have not been contaminated by any outside sources.

What should I do if I want to return an item?

All other (non-oil) merchandise returns accepted only within 7 days of receipt. Returns must be approved, so please call or e-mail thescentsshop.com first for authorization. Unless our error, a 10% restocking fee will apply to all returns of NON-fragrance oil items to cover credit card fees, labor incurred, etc.

Approved returned merchandise must be received in proper packaging and in good condition to be accepted. IF ITEMS ARE NOT RECEIVED IN RE-SALEABLE CONDITION, THEY MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED, unless due to an error on our part. Customer is responsible for shipping on all returns.

In-store credit only. No cash refunds are given unless shipment was our error. You will be notified when we receive your return, and then you can use that store credit on a new order.

No substitutes are given on sale/special offer items. If any of the desired items are currently out of stock, you will be asked to either choose an alternate or you can cancel your order.

If any sale items are out of stock, a rain check cannot be given.


Liability Disclaimer

Warranties: thescentsshop.com makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the suitability of any certain product for use in secondary products or the actual results of its use in any such products.

The Scents Shop expressly disclaims any and all liability resulting from the use of these product in any secondary products produced thereby. It is common in our industry for occasional variances to occur in products such as soaps and fragrances, therefore slight adjustments to your formulas/methods may be needed at times.

Any instructions, directions or tips given on thescentsshop.com site are strictly for informational purposes and are only helpful guidelines to be used as a starting point. This information is provided without warranty of any kind or fitness for a particular use or purpose.

Customers are encouraged to experiment and conduct their own tests, as they are responsible and liable for any products they manufacture. Please read all labels, & spec sheets.

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