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Fragrance Oil

Electric - Plug-in Wall Oil Diffuser Lamps
They are designed for fragrance oil or therapeutic essential oil.

Aroma Lamps are designed to scent a large room, office, dorm or even a small home.

  Electric - Oil Diffusers Lamps
Fragrance your home, office or dorm with fragrance oils without an open flame.
Includes an on-off dimmer switch. Aroma Lamps can be used wherever you wish a concentrated fragrance.


Fragrance Oil
Our Home Fragrance Oils can also be used in your office & car. They can be used for: Oil Burners, Lamp Rings, Auto, Sachets, Potpourri, Melt & Pour Soaps, Incence making & so much more.
Now also available in 16oz Ultra Strength!

 Body Oil
Our body oils are 100% alcohol free unlike the designer perfumes bought in stores.
Guaranteed to last longer as well!
Each 1/3 bottle comes with a roll on applicator.

Accessories - Replacement Glass & Metal Bowls
Replacement Dish



Essential Oil
Our Essential oils are 100% undiluted. Essential oils are perfect for aromatherapy.

The quality of these oils are top notch. Compare our quality!

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